1998-JAN- 3

Comments: Awesome spectacle as a prominence to the northwest of active region 8126 erupts. Ejection begins at 07:23 UT, followed by a rapid eruption at 09:20 UT. Arcade begins by 09:37 UT, and a prominence even farther north erupts explosively at the same time. Emission fragments from this eruption can be seen in Fe XII, from 09:30 to 12:00 UT. The image at 11:04:26 UT is particularly amazing. Filament to the north-north-east of active region 8129 erupts as well, completing sweep of the north polar crown (at least in the visible hemisphere). Another amazing event at 17:23 UT, M2 in flaming loop in active region 8124 on the southwest limb. Then active region 8130 rips loose at 18:38 UT, with moreton wave to the south and southeast. The wave appears to break and form an arcade northwest of the region, trailing active region 8129. Remnants of northern prominence eruptions can still be seen.