Comments: cavity at 19:12 UT on NE limb (after a lot of outward motion). Moneton wave from active region 8046 in SE at 19:12 to 19:44 UT. Clear darkening in cavity above NE limb at 20:20UT, followed by PFL's. CME on NE limb (south of active region) at 11:58 UT. Pieces of filament ejected nearly tangent to limb, (some on limb) at 11:07 to 11:24 UT and 11:24 - 11:58 UT. Activity at 02:17 to 03:54 UT in small b.p. at N0,E12. Looks like a moneton wave. "Mini-CME" with "mini-Moneton wave" from nondescript BP at 02:15 to 03:54 UT.