Activity Report


Every day before the daily meeting, the planner is in charge of putting on the web an report on the ativity of the Sun as seen by EIT. What you have to do is to look at all the movies made since the previous daily meeting, and note in the EIT log book any event of interest. Use previous reports as templates.

Putting your report on the Web

At a VMS prompt, go to the planning directory by simply typing:

$ plan

this should take you to the eit_disk:[eit.plan] directory. The report is written in the log_form.txt ASCII file. By entering:

$ eve log_form.txt

you will be able to edit the latest version of this file. Use the content of the file as a template for your own report. Input the events in chronological order. Carefully keep the alignment of the different fields, it s crucial for the good conversion of the text file into an HTML file. When you are done editing your report, press the F10 key to save the file and exit the editing program. Now enter an IDL session and at the IDL prompt, type:

IDL> log_form, <date>, planner='your name'

for example:

IDL> log_form, '1999/07/07', planner='J.B. Gurman'

Note that if you are one of the usual planners, there is a keyword named after your lastname to save you a few keystrokes, e.g.

IDL> log_form, '1999/07/07', /gurman

produces the same result as the preceeding line. This command converts your text file into an HTML file and transfers it via FTP to:

where you should check that the content of log_form.txt was correcly converted. If not, go back to editing log_form.txt and check the alignment of the fields.

Web curator: Frédéric Auchère
Responsible NASA official: Joseph B. Gurman, Facility Scientist, Solar Data Analysis Center
+1 301 286-4767
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Solar Physics Branch / Code 682

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