EIT Movies


There are a number of ways to make movies from the EIT data depending upon how you wish to display them. A partial description of some of the more useful methods follows:

1) MOVIE_MAKER - This (widget) procedure will create EIT movies (IDL ] Save Sets). The user interactively selects a series of FITS images, degrids them, scales them, and saves them. These movies can then be viewed using EIT_DISPLAY or EIT_MOVIE.

2) MK_LASTEIT_MOVIE - This procedure creates a movie of recent EIT full disk movies. The user selects simply the number of frames and the wavelength. Output is either a GIF animation, MPEG, or JAVASCRIPT movie. These frames are not degridded. The default output size is 280x280 but is an input parameter.

3) EIT_MKMOVIE - Create a GIF or MPEG (WW) movie from an Input FITS file list or byte-scaled data cube. This procedure does degrid and flat field the images. It is also useful if one already has a movie as created by MOVIE_MAKER and now wants to create a movie suitable for viewing on the web. Simply restore the IDL save set and use the data array (typically = b0) as input.

4) EIT_SUB_MOVIE - Create a movie of a subfield image from a sequence of full field images, tracking the region of interest with solar rotation. The output of this is simply the 3D IDL array.


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