What to do if your programs are using an old version of the EIT software


You should follow these instructions only if you are already using the EIT software in your programs. If you are a new user, just read the software section of this guide o learn how to manipulate EIT data.

First of course you need to install the new version of the software. Just follow as usual the SolarSoft upgrade instructions. Make sure that you install the flat field calibration files from the SolarSoftware database (see the software installation section). This is required by the new software.

The major change in the EIT sofware occured in the eit_prep.pro routine. The rest of it should be transparent to users. If you are using this routine (as you should) to read EIT FITS files and obtain radiometrically calibrated images, you must modify your source code in the following manner.

With the previous software, in order to get a fully calibrated image, you needed to call eit_prep like so:

IDL> eit_prep, 'efz19981204.234810', header, image, /response, /normalize, /filter_norm, /float

Each of the keywords takes care of a different aspect of the calibration. We added them one after another as we were working out the final calibration. Now that the EIT calibration is finalized, we decided to remove all these optional keywords and make them the default. Therefore, with the new version you obtain a fully calibrated image simply with:

IDL> eit_prep, 'efz19981204.234810', header, image

Note that with previous version of eit_prep.pro, this call would return a completely raw image. The following table how to obtain a raw and a calibrated image by using the old and new versions of eit_prep.pro. You can use this table to deduce what modifications you need to make to your source code depending on the results you want. Please refer to the documentation of eit_prep.pro or to the software section of this guide for further details on how to use the new version.

Old Versions
New Version

Raw image

eit_prep, file, hdr, image

eit_prep, file, hdr, image, /no_calibrate

Calibrated image

eit_prep, file, hdr, image, /response, /normalize,
/filter_norm, /float

eit_prep, file, hdr, image

If you can't get your programs to work properly with the new version of the sofware, please e-mail to Frédéric Auchère or Jeff Newmark.


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