EIT Images of the W limb event of 1996/11/28 - 29

All images are in Fe XII 195 Å.

15:00 UT17:00 UT19:03 UT21:00 UT

23:00 UT01:03 UT03:00 UT05:00 UT

Click on the thumbnails for 256 x 256 pixel, full-resolution GIF images.

[GIF movie icon] A GIF movie of the EIT Fe XII 195 Å, full-frame images for 1996 November 28 - 29.

It appears clear that the "opening up" of the dark area occurred somewhere between 15:00 and 17:00 UT on 1996 November 28.

The dark lane is narrowing by 1996 November 29 01:03 UT, and is beginning to fill in by 05:00 UT.

Sorry we don't have more frequent images, but (as of this writing), EIT has very limited telemetry for anything besides a very sparse synoptic, which includes Fe XII 195 Å images such as these obtained every 2 hours. Because of the bandwidth limitation, all but one of these per day is binned 2 x 2 on the detector.

Note that the low-lying aracde of loops that form below and after the CME-swept dark lane is similar to that in the much better observed (by EIT, at least) CME of 1996 November 30 - December 1, apparently from the same filament channel --- the same filament channel that has been producing most of the big CME's since 1996 July.

In case it isn't obvious, this is really preliminary and may well be wrong, partially or totally. So exercise a little rational thought before accepting anything said on this page. 1
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