EIT Images of the W limb event of 1996/06/06

Fe IX/X 171 ÅFe XV 284 ÅHe II/Si XI 304 Å
20:11 UT 22:41 UT 18:13 UT, 22:35 UT

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At 18:13 UT, it appears that part of the N polar crown filament is erupting (cf. left-hand 304 Å image).

Three hours later, we can see a faint wisp of ~ 1MK material off the NW limb in Fe IX/XI 171 Å.

At 22:35 UT, the eruptive prominence in He II (right-hand image) extends to more than 0.5 of a solar radius (in the plane of the sky).

At nearly the same time (22:41 UT), material at or over 2 MK can be seen in the Fe XV 284 Å image at the same apparent position as the outer edge of the eruptive prominence.

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