Technical information

HAO White Light Coronal Camera image of the 1994 November 3 eclipse

Time: 12:18:25 UT

P angle: 24.12 degrees (i.e., heliocentric north is 24.12 degrees counterclockwise of vertical. Vertical (top) is geocentric north. Left, (9 o'clock) is east. To assist in orientation, the brightest prominences are in the SOUTHEAST. There is one major streamer on the EAST limb, two on the WEST limb, with the brightest western streamer being the one to the SOUTH.

Objective aperture: 11.4 cm

Focal length: 178 cm

Focal ratio: f/15

Film: Kodak Technical Pan / 2415

Development: D19 - 5 minutes (Film was developed at Sacramento Peak Observatory by Todd Brown)

Wavelength isolation filer: Schott OG-3

Effective wavelength: 6500 Å

Exposure: 27 seconds

Radial filter range: 10^4 in transmission

Note: There are round dark circular artifacts in the image. These are the result of out of focus dust within the telescope.

Technical information courtesy Alice Lecinski of the HAO WLCC eclipse team.

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