Weather prospects for the eclipse begin in the dismal cloudiness of the North Atlantic and improve steadily along the eclipse track as far as the Middle East. Beyond Iran, cloud cover thickens again and the eclipse ends as it began with diminished promises. The best prospects in Europe are found along the shores of the Black Sea. Iran offers the most favorable weather along the entire track, though cautious observers may prefer the skies of central Turkey.

Weather Web Sites

  1. A good starting point. This site has many links to current and past weather around the world.

  2. A source of Current Europe-Africa-Near East satellite image, with a link to a movie of recent conditions.

  3. Purdue University, where the various model forecasts can be obtained. The MRF model is available over Europe for 10 days into the future. The ECMWF forecast can be examined for 6 days ahead. The MRF is available as a 9 panel display of 500 mb and surface features. Both models go as far east as Iraq. Another model, the AVN is available for 72 hours into the future and includes a chart of relative humidity (where 70% RH or higher implies cloud).

  4. A current European satellite image is available at Meteo France, as well as other sites.
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