IAU Working Group on Eclipses

Professional scientists are asked to send descriptions of their eclipse plans to the Working Group on Eclipses of the International Astronomical Union, so that they can keep a list of observations planned. Send such descriptions, even in preliminary form, to:

International Astronomical Union/Working Group on Eclipses
Prof. Jay M. Pasachoff, Chair
Williams College - Hopkins Observatory
Williamstown MA 01267, USA
FAX: +1 (413) 597-3200

The members of the Working Group on Eclipses of Commissions 10 and 12 of the International Astronomical Union are: Jay M. Pasachoff (USA), Chair; F. Clette (Belgium), F. Espenak (USA); Iraida Kim (Russia); V. Rusin (Slovakia); Jagdev Singh (India); M. Stavinschi (Romania); Yoshinori Suematsu (Japan); consultant: J. Anderson (Canada).

NATO Workshop Proceedings for the 1999 Total Solar Eclipse

In 1996 June 1-5, a special NATO Advanced Research Workshop for "Theoretical and Observational Problems Related to Solar Eclipses" was held in Sinaia, Romania. For the first time in the history of the eclipse observations, observers and theorists were brought together to present and discuss their projects for a future eclipse (1999). Scientific sessions during the meeting covered the following areas:

The proceedings from the meeting will be published in 1997 June by Kluwer Academic Publishing (Netherlands) as part of the NATO ASI Series (Z. Mouradian and M. Stavinschi, eds.). For ordering information, please contact:

Dr. Zadig Mouradian
Observatoire de Paris-Meudon
92195 Meudon Principal
FAX: +33 1 45 07 79 59

Romanian Preparations for 1999 Eclipse

Romanian astronomers have established the International Association ECLIPSA'99 for the purpose of assisting both the scientific community and the general public. In addition to carrying out a series of scientific eclipse observations, ECLIPSA'99 will also play an important role in public education so that everyone can enjoy this extraordinary astronomical event.

We plan to set up a new telescope outside the Capital, to complete the observation and data bases of the three observatories of the Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy, as well as to built a great Planetarium at Bucharest Observatory, in the immediate vicinity of the Park "Charles the 1st".

Through a system of scholarships and awards, ECLIPSA'99 aims to specially train the staff necessary in the eclipse observation. Naturally, we will not leave out the amateur astronomers in view of the important contribution they have brought to the development of astronomy. Throughout the preparations, ECLIPSA'99 will carry out an ample program of national and international conferences and symposia, the publication of specialized and advertising materials, as well as of its own journal "Eclipsa"; it will also conduct an ample publicity campaign both at home and abroad.

To accomplish its aims ECLIPSA'99 is carrying on collaborations with similar institutions at home and abroad, with specialists in related fields, as well as with agencies and other institutions in the fields of culture, tourism, transport, trade, etc.. The funds of ECLIPSA'99 come from subscriptions, as well as from legacies and donations from home and abroad.

ECLIPSA'99 will not stop its activity after the eclipse. At that time, it will become the International Association ASTRONOMIA 21, whose goal will be to keep alive the interest in this old and, at the same time, modern science. For more information please contact:

Dr. Magdalena Stavinschi
Astr. Inst. of the Romanian Academy
Str. Cutitul de Argint 5
RO-75212 Bucharest
Phone: +40.1.336 36 87
FAX: +40.1.337 33 89

JOSO Working Group for 1999 Eclipse

In October 1995, the Joint Organization for Solar Observations (JOSO), a European consortium of observing solar physicists, created a new working group dedicated to the preparation of the 1999 eclipse.

This Working Group (WG7) will prompt collaborations between scientific teams coming from European countries and other parts of the world to observe the eclipse, and the local scientific and academic organizations in the path of totality, by gathering and distributing information about existing resources and requirements for the practical organisation of scientific expeditions. Another WG7 project is to disseminate to the general public basic but reliable information about the 1999 event and safe eclipse viewing.

All groups who are planning to set up a scientific eclipse program are invited to join this new community. For more information, contact:

Dr. Frederic Clette - JOSO WG 7
Observatoire Royal de Belgique
Avenue Circulaire, 3
B-1180 Bruxelles
FAX: +32.2.373.02.24

JOSO Web site: http://joso.oat.ts.astro.it/

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