National Eclipse Committee of Venezuela

Dr. Francisco Fuenmayor is the National Eclipse Committee Coordinator of Venezuela. He informs us that the University del Zulia will set up a special observing camp in Maracaibo for professionals interested in installing scientific equipment. He emphasizes that the facilities of the campground will only be available to those involved in a scientific experiment and supported by a recognized institution. If you plan to observe the eclipse from some other part in Venezuela, please contact Dr. Fuenmayor. He can give advice on any other observing site you may have selected. Scientists interested in using the special campground should fill out the following questionnaire and return it to Dr. Fuenmayor at as soon as possible.

Additional information about observing the eclipse from Venezuela has been prepared by the National Eclipse Committee. It can be obtained via ftp from: ftp, with anonymous login. The password is your e-mail address. The directory is /pub/eclipse98, and the file is eclipse98. Those using Netscape can access the same information from the URL:

The National Eclipse Committee of Venezuela includes: Dr. Francisco Fuenmayor (Coordinator) (Universidad de los Andes, ULA), Dr. Ignacio Ferrin (ULA), Javier Gonzalez (ULA), Lic. Nestor Sanchez, Lic. Ingrid Inciarte, Prof. Jeannette Stock, Prof. Ruben Cadenas, Prof. Pedro Franceschini (Universidad del Zulia), Dra. Gladis Magris and Alberto Dubuc (Centro de Investigaciones de Astronomia, CIDA).

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