Plotting the Path on Maps

If high resolution maps of the umbral path are needed, the coordinates listed in Tables 7 and 8 are conveniently provided in longitude increments of 1° and 7.5' respectively to assist plotting by hand. The path coordinates in Table 3 define a line of maximum eclipse at five minute increments in Universal Time.

If observations are to be made near the limits, then the grazing eclipse zones tabulated in Table 8 should be used. Global Navigation Charts (1:5,000,000), Operational Navigation Charts (scale 1:1,000,000) and Tactical Pilotage Charts (1:500,000) of many parts of the world are published by the Defense Mapping Agency. In October 1992, the DMA discontinued selling maps directly to the general public. This service has been transferred to the National Ocean Service (NOS). For specific information about map availability, purchase prices, and ordering instructions, contact the NOS at:

   National Ocean Service
   Distribution Branch
   6501 Lafayette Avenue
   Riverdale, MD 20737, USA
   Phone:       +1 (301) 436-6990

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