Equidistant Conic Projection Map of the Eclipse Path

Figures 3 and 4 are equidistant conic projection maps selected to minimize distortion, and which isolate specific regions of the umbral path. Once again, curves of maximum eclipse and constant eclipse magnitude are plotted and labeled. A linear scale is included for estimating approximate distances (kilometers) in each figure. Within the northern and southern limits of the path of totality, the outline of the umbral shadow is plotted at five minute intervals. The duration of totality (minutes and seconds) and the Sun's altitude correspond to the local circumstances on the center line at each shadow position.

Figures 3 and 4 are drawn to scales of ~1:30,000,000 and ~1:14,035,000, respectively. Both figures include the positions larger cities and metropolitan areas in and near the umbral path. The size of each city is logarithmically proportional to its population using 1990 census data (Rand McNally, 1991).

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