The path of annularity has been plotted by hand on a set of eight detailed maps appearing in the last section of this publication. The maps are Global Navigation and Planning Charts or GNC's from the Defense Mapping Agency which use a Lambert conformal conic projection. More specifically, GNC-2 covers the North American section of the path while GNC-11 covers Africa. GNC's have a scale of 1:5,000,000 (1 inch ~ 69 nautical miles), which is adequate for showing major cities, highways, airports, rivers, bodies of water and basic topography required for eclipse expedition planning including site selection, transportation logistics and weather contingency strategies.

Northern and southern limits as well as the center line of the path are draw using predictions from Table 6. See PLOTTING THE PATH ON MAPS for sources and more information. The GNC paths also depict the curve of maximum eclipse at five minute increments in Universal Time [ Table 3].

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