Table 3. Shadow Contacts and Circumstances,
Total Solar Eclipse of 2006 March 29

                                                            ΔT =     64.9 s

                             Dynamical               Ephemeris      True
                               Time      Latitude    Longitude*   Longitude**
                             h  m  s
Contacts of Penumbra:  P1   07:37:53.4   14°27.5'S   022°23.3'W   022°07.0'W
                       P2   09:45:42.1   27°28.6'N   056°59.2'W   056°42.9'W
                       P3   10:38:32.9   84°27.7'N   149°28.0'E   149°44.3'E
                       P4   12:46:45.5   43°26.5'N   082°46.2'E   083°02.5'E
North/South Limits
of Penumbral Path:     N1   09:32:49.8   38°32.0'N   054°42.3'W   054°26.0'W
                       S1   08:28:19.3   37°45.3'S   033°15.0'W   032°58.7'W
                       N2   10:51:16.5   82°45.0'N   099°33.9'W   099°17.6'W
                       S2   11:56:34.6   20°10.0'N   093°18.9'E   093°35.2'E

 Contacts of Umbra:    U1   08:35:29.3   06°31.1'S   037°16.4'W   037°00.1'W
                       U2   08:37:33.5   06°04.6'S   037°49.0'W   037°32.8'W
                       U3   11:46:59.4   51°47.0'N   098°48.7'E   099°05.0'E
                       U4   11:49:01.3   51°21.2'N   098°14.3'E   098°30.5'E
North/South Limits
  of Umbral Path:      N1   08:36:57.0   05°43.5'S   037°41.2'W   037°24.9'W
                       S1   08:36:06.5   06°52.3'S   037°24.4'W   037°08.2'W
                       N2   11:47:35.0   52°07.5'N   098°43.1'E   098°59.4'E
                       S2   11:48:25.1   51°00.6'N   098°20.2'E   098°36.5'E

 Extreme Limits
 of Central Line:      C1   08:36:31.3   06°18.0'S   037°32.7'W   037°16.4'W
                       C2   11:48:00.4   51°34.0'N   098°31.5'E   098°47.7'E

   Instant of 
Greatest Eclipse:      G0   10:12:22.6   23°09.1'N   016°28.6'E   016°44.9'E

Circumstances at
Greatest Eclipse:   Sun’s Altitude = 67.3°         Path Width = 83.5 km
                    Sun’s Azimuth = 148.6°    Central Duration = 04m 06.7s

*Ephemeris Longitude is the terrestrial dynamical longitude assuming a uniformly rotating Earth.

**True Longitude is calculated by correcting the Ephemeris Longitude for the non-uniform rotation of Earth.

(T.L. = E.L. + 1.002738*ΔT/240, where ΔT(in seconds) = TDT - UT)

Note: Longitude is measured positive to the East.

Since ΔT is not known in advance, the value used in the predictions is an extrapolation based on pre-2005 measurements. Nevertheless, the actual value is expected to fall within ±0.2 seconds of the estimated ΔT used here.

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