Weather Web Sites


  1. - Links to current and past weather around the world

  2. - Forecasts for many cities worldwide.

  3. - Good coverage of Africa and Australia

  4. - World data base of temperature and rainfall.


  1. - A site that provides forecast maps for Africa, including moisture and precipitation forecasts up to 6 days in advance. Some expertise in meteorology would be helpful in interpreting the maps and judging the reliability of the predictions.

  2. - Nottingham University site for obtaining satellite imagery over Africa.

  3. - Another site for satellite imagery for Africa, this time from Dundee University. Select the AV subdirectory for visual images and the AI subdirectory for infrared pictures. Images for other places in the world are also available.

  4. - The Namibian Meteorological Service, but it seems to point mostly to the South African Weather Service.

  5. - A site for forecasts from the Zambian Meteorological Department.

  6. - The Zimbabwean Weather Service. Short and medium range forecasts for major centres, including Bulawayo.

  7. - The South African Weather Service, a good place to get maps, forecasts (out to 14 days!), satellite images (pointed to Nottingham) and many other products.


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