IAU Working Group on Eclipses

Professional scientists are asked to send descriptions of their eclipse plans to the Working Group on Eclipses of the International Astronomical Union, so that they can keep a list of observations planned. Send such descriptions, even in preliminary form, to:

International Astronomical Union/Working Group on Eclipses
Prof. Jay M. Pasachoff, Chair
Williams College - Hopkins Observatory
Williamstown MA 01267, USA
FAX: +1 (413) 597-3200

The members of the Working Group on Eclipses the Solar Division of the International Astronomical Union are: Jay M. Pasachoff (USA), Chair; F. Clette (Belgium), F. Espenak (USA); Iraida Kim (Russia); Francis Podmore (Zimbabwe); V. Rusin (Slovakia); Jagdev Singh (India); Yoshinori Suematsu (Japan); consultant: J. Anderson (Canada).

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