Solar Data Analysis Center

BATSE Solar Flare Server

Interactive Access to BATSE Solar Flare Data

Since the launch of the Compton GRO, the SDAC has maintained an on-line interactive computer facility that provides the international solar physics community with quick-look access to the BATSE 4-channel LAD rates with 1-second time resolution, as well as scientific support in the interpretation of these data. The facility displays flare catalog entries, plots quick-look displays of orbital data and flare time profiles, dumps the data in ASCII or binary format files for remote retrieval, and lists BATSE solar viewing time intervals. The database is usually current to within three days of the observations.

To login to our computer and use the database interactively, click here and login as batse.

Have a look at a graphic representation of the frequency of solar flares over the lifetime of the mission.

Noninteractive Access to BATSE Solar Flare Light Curves

To view the flare catalog and access PostScript plots of the light curves via FTP, click on a year to view the flare catalog for that year.

New: GIF versions of the BATSE Solar Flare Light Curve plots

To view the flare catalog and access GIF plots of the light curves via FTP, click on a year to view the flare catalog for that year.

Monthly Event Listings

To access monthly BATSE event listings containing start and peak time, duration, peak counts, burst trigger, and triggertime seconds, click on relevant year.

NOTE: The filename format for the event listings has been changed. Files will now be in a YYMM_batse.list format, instead of MMMYY_batse.list. For instance, AUG94_batse.list is now 9408_batse.list. Both formats are still available for old files, but the new format will be used in the creation of new files.

Owens Valley Radio Observatory (OVRO)

The Radio Group at OVRO has an online searchable database .

Compton Observatory Science Support Center (COSSC)

To connect to BATSE at COSSC, click here.

Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC)

To connect to the BATSE and Gamma Ray Observatory page at Marshall Space Flight Center, click here.

Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)

Find the answers to lots of questions on the Laboratory for Astronomy and Solar Physics Solar Flare Theory web pages.

Click here for the home page of the SDAC

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