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SPD Studentship Awards

The Solar Physics Division of the American Astronomical Society is pleased to announce this program, which for the last two decades has presented a number of awards annually to outstanding undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in pursuing a career in solar physics. The purpose of these awards is to acquaint promising students with the field of solar physics by allowing these students to participate actively in the annual SPD meeting (or joint summer meeting with the AGU/AAS, as appropriate).

Depending upon financial need, the awards comprise a fraction of travel and room and board for the duration of the meeting. Awardees are recognized at the meeting.

Applications for the award are solicited in early spring, approximately one month before the abstract deadline for the meeting. They should be submitted to the Chair of the Studentship Awards Committee: Dr. A. Gordon Emslie, Associate Vice President for Research and Dean, Graduate College, Oklahoma State University, 202 Whitehurst, Stillwater, OK 74078. An application consists of the following:

Student Level Requirements
Undergraduate and First Year Graduate Students (1) Name, university, address, major, education level, science grade point

(2) Summary of interests and future plans in solar physics.

(3) One letter of endorsement from a supervising scientist, that includes an evaluation of the student's financial requirements for attending the meeting and the extent to which partial support from other sources is available.
(Letters or e-mails may be sent separately to the above address.)
Advanced Graduate Students In addition to the above three requirements:

(4) Enclose an abstract and deliver either an oral or poster presentation at the meeting. Abstracts should also be sent through the usual channels.

Awardees will be notified sufficiently in advance of the abstract deadline for the meeting for them to make the necessary plans to attend. Awards are issued by the Treasurer of the Division.

SPD Summer Schools

The SPD has undertaken the organization of a series of summer schools to cover various aspects of solar physics.

The objective is to present solar physics to young professionals who might be considering a career in solar physics by giving them a crash course in some area of specialization, with the idea being to have a three or four year rotation between different areas. The target audience is incoming graduate students, but participation would probably be broadened to grad students at any level, and "fresh outs" within a few years of a PhD.

The 2006 summer school, on High Energy Solar Physics, will be held at the University of New Hampshire at Durham.

The first summer school in the series took place in July 2005, and was focused on helioseismology. This event was hosted by HAO and ASP of NCAR, held at the Foothills Laboratories of NCAR in Boulder, Colorado. group photo from 2005 summer school

Future summer schools will cover other fields of solar physics. All post-junior undergraduate students, graduate students, and post graduate early career scientists in physics, astronomy, and related fields are encouraged to apply. The SPD Summer Schools Steering Committee can be reached at schools@spd.aas.org. More details can be found in the 16 May 2005 edition of SolarNews (see also here).

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