Any member of the AAS may become a member of the Solar Physics Division by applying to the Secretary of the Division. The membership form is available online, in both HTML and PDF formats.

Non-members of the AAS who are members of another recognized professional organization with interests related to solar physics may become Affiliate Members by application to the Secretary of the SPD and approval by the Division Committee.

Emeritus Members of the Society may apply annually to the Division to remain Emeritus Members of the Division.

The full description of conditions for membership are given in the Division by-laws.

Membership Statistics:

As of 2007 May 15:

Type: Corporate Full Emeritus Junior Affiliate Intl. Affiliate TOTAL
Number: 1 349 64 58 78 5 555

Annual dues are US$15 for AAS members and US$30 for affiliates.

There is a searchable version of the SPD membership list, thanks to Dale Gary

There is also an SPD Membership Resource Book (PDF format, 247 kbytes) that contains a full membership directory and many of the other resources on these web pages. Also known as the SPD Handbook.

Other directories of contact information for solar physicists (some require log-in):