This list of links to external web sites is by no means exhaustive, and may not always be up-to-date. Please send feedback, suggestions, or corrections to the SPD webmaster.



  • SolarNews, the monthly electronic newsletter of the Solar Physics Division, is available online at both the National Solar Observatory (in full HTML format; site maintained by John Leibacher) and Stanford University (text only; site maintained by Rick Bogart).

    You can now submit your news items for SolarNews via the submission webform. The field for "AAS member ID" is not required, and can be left blank.

    The old method of submitting items to the editor still works, but we encourage you to use the Items for submission to SolarNews should be sent via the webform.

    SolarNews submissions can be in plain text or HTML; other formats will be returned with a request for a plain text copy. Please do not include any images in the submissions, but do provide hyperlinks to web pages that give further information as needed. Also, Please try to keep meeting and workshop announcements to no more than one page (fewer than 60 lines of typed text with 72 characters per line), with a Web address for further information.

    If you wish to subscribe or unsubscribe from SolarNews, get a password reminder, or change your subscription, click here.

  • SolarMail is an e-mail forwarding system provided as a service to all members of the Solar Physics research community. It allows users to be reached via e-mail anywhere through their username (usually first initial plus last name) on the server. (SolarNews is delivered directly to SolarMail accounts.)


  • The societies have already assembled many useful links of career services.
    See, for example, job pages of the AAS, the APS, the AGU, and the AAAS.

  • The Astro Jobs page of astronomy job links.