How to Join #1: SPD Membership through the AAS

SPD membership is available to all members of the AAS.   If you are already a member of the AAS and want to become a member of the SPD, just add the division dues to your regular annual AAS dues payment. Division dues for Full, Associate, and Junior AAS members are $15.   Dues are waived for Emeritus AAS members.   If you are not currently a member of the AAS but would like to join, information is available at:

How to Join #2: SPD Membership as an Affiliate

Affiliate membership in the SPD is provided for persons who are not members of the AAS.   Affiliate members have all the rights, privileges, and obligations of full members, but they may not vote or hold office in the division.   To apply, please fill out the application for Affiliate Membership, keeping in mind that:

Aimee NortonTel:  650-723-6704
Stanford Universitye-mail:
Stanford CA 94305-4085

Application for Affiliate Membership

Name: __________________________ Highest Degree: __________________________
Current Institution: __________________________ Date Obtained: __________________________
Mailing Address: __________________________ Phone Number: __________________________
__________________________ E-mail: __________________________

I hereby apply for Affiliate membership in the Solar Physics Division of the American Astronomical Society. I am a member of the following related professional society:

(please fill in name of affiliate society)

Some examples of my contributions to solar physics are: (please provide titles and publication data for one or more papers, or other relevant evidence to support membership)




__________________________ __________________________

Nomination by two Full or Emeritus members of the SPD:

__________________________ __________________________
Name (please print)Name (please print)
__________________________ __________________________
__________________________ __________________________
Signature and dateSignature and date