Solar Research Opportunities

Find links here to descriptions of current and upcoming NASA research programs in solar physics and related fields and announcements of selections.

NASA releases ROSES-2015 NRA
(most recent update: 2015 May 11)

Among the ROSES programs of interest to the solar physics community are:

Program "element" Step-1 deadline Proposal deadline
Heliophysics Supporting Research (HSR) 2015 May 15 2015 September 11
Heliophysics Technology and Instrument Development for Science (HTIDS) 2015 June 26 2015 August 28
Heliophysics Guest Investigators (HGI) 2015 March 13 2014 July 31
Heliophysics Grand Challenges Research (GCR) Not solicited this year
Heliophysics LWS Science (LWS) 2015 March 13 2015 May 1
Heliophysics Infrastructure and Data Environment Enhancements (H-IDEE) 2015 May 22 2015 July 24