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Tom Metcalf SPD Travel Fund

In consultation with Tom Metcalf's family, the Solar Physics Division (SPD) has established the Thomas Metcalf SPD Travel Fund to help support newer members' expenses for attending meetings relevant to solar physics. A new page with a description and links to guidelines has recently been added. AAS members can donate here (login required).

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Submissions for SolarNews should now be submitted via a new form on the AAS Website.

Details can be found on our links page.
In 2015 the SPD will hold its 46th meeting with the
AGU Space Physics and Aeronomy Section.
This meeting, called the Triennial Earth-Sun Summit, will be held in
[Indiana Statehouse]
Indianapolis, Indiana,
2015 April 26 - May 1

[Tom Duvall, 2014 Hale Prize winner] Image © 2014 Joson Images

2014 Hale Prize: Tom Duvall

"For his invention and application of innovative helioseismic methods and the resulting ground-breaking discoveries within the solar interior, including internal sound-speed and rotation profiles, meridional circulation, wave perturbations in sunspots, and large scale convection properties."
[Alexis Rouillard, 2014 Karen Harvery Prize winner] Image © 2014 Joson Images

2014 Karen Harvey Prize: Alexis Rouillard

"For his contributions to heliospheric imaging analysis and, through the combination of modeling and multi-spacecraft remote imaging and in situ observations, his contributions to the understanding of the sources and heliospheric evolution of corotating interaction regions, small scale transients, coronal mass ejections, and solar energetic particle events."
A PDF version of the lecture slides, plus the movies shown during the talk are now available.