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Family care grants available for Inclusive Astronomy meeting

The SPD Executive Committee, along with the AAS, are committed to helping SPD members and SPD affiliate members with young children attend the Inclusive Astronomy meeting.

SPD childcare grant applications for up to seven grants of up to $400 each are available for the Inclusive Astronomy meeting, and are due by Wednesday, May 20, 2015 at 7 P.M. (EST).

The grant recipient will be responsible for arranging the childcare; the grants are intended to offset the cost of this childcare. We anticipate awarding up to eight grants of up to $400 each to offset childcare costs. This might include babysitting costs at the hotel, or contributions towards the daily expenses of a spouse/relative attending the meeting to care for the child. The recipient needs to supply a receipt or other proof of payment to obtain the reimbursement.

Please use the online form to apply.

New submission method for SolarNews

Submissions for SolarNews should now be submitted via a new form on the AAS Website.

Details can be found on our links page.
The SPD will hold its 47th meeting in
[Boulder Flatirons]
Boulder, Colorado
2016 May 31 - June 3
[George Doschek, 2015 Hale Prize winner]

2015 Hale Prize: George Doschek

"For his pioneering work in solar spectroscopy, in particular for his important insights into the interpretation and analysis of solar spectral observations, and his leadership as US principal investigator of the Yohkoh Bragg Crystal Spectrometer and Hinode Extreme Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer instruments."
[Jonathan Cirtain, 2015 Karen Harvery Prize winner]

2015 Karen Harvey Prize: Jonathan Cirtain

"For his major contributions to the development of the next generation of solar instrumentation and his studies of the role of magnetic reconnection in the heating of the solar corona."